Untouched nature

Jahorina is situated in central part of Bosnia and Hercegovina. It belongs to Dinaric mountain range and spreads across 30 km. It’s highest peak is called Ogorjelica with the altitude of 1916m. The climate of Jahorina is a blend of Mediterranean and continental climate. Substantial part of Jahorina belongs to a national park. Average number of days with snow cover is 175, from the start of October until the end of May. The ten-year average snow height in February is 106 cm.

Olympic skiing

During the XIV Winter Olympic Games, Jahorina held discipline in alpine skiing for women. Over 20 km of well-groomed ski slopes with altitude from 1,890 m to 1,200 m and 8 ski lifts with a total capacity of 7,500 skiers per hour put all fans of skiing and other winter sports in perfect mood. Winter ski season starts on December 15 and lasts until April 15. There is also organized night skiing on the illuminated ski slope. Furthermore, The international ski federation has verified three race tracks on Jahorina (slalom, giant slalom and downhill), all of which meet the requirements for international competitions.

Enjoy the nature

In the spring, after the snow cover disappears, Jahorina starts to flourish in grassy vegetation, including numerous healing herbs whose aroma spread through the mountain and make clean mountain air even more beneficial. The most common herbs are mountain fruits like blueberries, forest strawberries and cranberries.

Visit to Sarajevo

Only 30 km from Hotel Lavina is the city of Sarajevo, to which we can provide an organized visit on our guests’ request.


The place where the East and West meet

Crossroads of cultures

A place where two worlds - Eastern and Western, Islamic and Christian, collided for hundreds of years. This is what predetermined Sarajevo to become a crossroad of the worlds, a place in the heart of the Balkans, where the East and the West intertwine. Sarajevo is one of the few cities where a the ten-minute walk is needed to come across the churches of the world’s most important monotheistic religions - the Orthodox and Catholic churches, the synagogue and the mosque. All these traditions made the cultural mix of Sarajevo unique.